Friday, 30 November 2012

Movember Moustache Fail

I was hoping to round up the month of Movember with an awesome moustache manicure to show my support for the cause, unfortunately my water decals had other ideas...
As you can see from the pictures, as well as smearing when I applied top coat, they bubbled horribly on my nail leaving a really sloppy finish which I was far from happy with.
I have no idea what went wrong, it seemed like as I applied my top coat (Sally Hansen Insta Dri for those keen to know) the water decals began to lift from my nail leaving bubbles around the edges and then the images began to smear.
I know several other people who have used these decals with no issue so I am not sure whether mine were faulty or it is entirely user error on my part.  I followed the brief instructions given and I patted them dry before I applied top coat so I'm not sure what happened!
If you have any advice on how to get them to work better I would love to hear it, I have another set which I want to use for an event in December and I am really hoping the effect is better than this!
So, wise readers, what are your water decal top tips?

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  1. Sad it didn't work right for you, but fab idea. Thanks for sharing!