Monday, 5 November 2012

Remember, remember...

The 5th of November; gunpowder, treason and plot!
It wouldn't be the 5th without some fireworks so here's my nail based attempt using Kiko 275, possibly the best black nail polish I have ever owned, Maybelline Colorama 30 and some nail stickers.
I started with a black base and then added some stickers which looked like bursts of fireworks, over the top of that I blobbed a little bit of the Colorama polish to add some extra holographic sparkle.
I'm pleased with how these turned out, they look better in person than they do in the photos as you really get the glitter effect which is hard to capture in a still image.  i am less pleased with the havoc the colder weather is causing to my cuticles. :(

A minor niggle with this manicure is the fact that the stickers started to lift very quickly, you can see that a couple are already coming away from the nail despite being under about 6 layers of top coat, this is the first time I've used this brand of stickers so I don't know whether it's their fault or if the Seche Vite I used as a top coat might be having some effect.  It's not a serious issue but it does mean this won't be a long lasting manicure.


  1. So gorgeous! where oh where did you get that colorama?! I adore those polish but can never ever find them :)

    Jazz x

    1. I got it on eBay a while ago, the seller doesn't exist anymore unfortunately. You can sometimes pick them up on Amazon too but it's a bit hit and miss, I've never found anyone who sells the whole range. :(