Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Glitter Stamping

Before taking off last weeks glittery look I decided to do a quick stamp over it.
I used Cheeky plate CH52 and Kiko black polish.
I'm pleased with how this turned out, the glitter under the stamping adds quite a bit of extra depth and creates two different looks depending on whether you're in strong sunlight or not.

In lower lights the stamping shows more.

I'm still working on my horribly dry skin, hopefully it'll be sorted in the next few days!


  1. OH! this is lovely, I adore the stamp over the glitter :)


  2. This is gorgeous design have you tried the lush tiny hands for dry hands and lush lemony flutter really helped my dry cuticles

    1. That's what I use, Lemon Flutter, combined with Hemp Butter from The Body Shop and sometimes some cuticle or almond oil. I might try the Tiny Hands stuff too.

      They seem to be getting a little better now, fingers crossed!