Thursday, 22 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I was a little caught out by this one, I had been planning on doing a Thanksgiving manicure for my almost mum-in-law who lives in the US but somehow I had convinced myself that Thanksgiving was next week so this ended up being a rather rushed last minute effort last night which I'm not 100% pleased with.
It did however give me chance to try out a new stamping plate I recently ordered from Bunny Nails, more to come on those soon, which features lots of (what I assume, I'm not very up on the ins and outs of Thanksgiving, are) Thanksgiving type designs.
I used the turkey, the pie slice and the apple and they all stamped beautifully using Barry M Gold Foil, if the rest of these plates stamp as well as this one does I will be delighted.
I also added on some little leaves to symbolise the season; Autumn, or Fall if we're sticking with the American theme.
The base is Kiko 374 which is a rich chocolate brown with tiny shimmer particles through it.
Overall, I am not that pleased with this manicure, I like the colours but I think the stamping is a bit sloppy and not too well thought out and if I'd had more time I could definitely have done better.  However I love the little leave stickers, I think they look really cute and seasonal, I have some more left so I may use them again before Autumn is over.


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    1. Thank you! I can't wait to try the rest of the plates out, that one stamped so well!