Thursday, 1 November 2012

Lovely Lilac

To create the nail colour I have on today I used 2 coats of Kiko 330 with two coats of Hedy's Blaster a glitter duochrome polish.
The effect is beautiful and truly duochrome, although it's impossible to photograph properly!  This shot is the closest to how it looks in real life, a gorgeous lilac base with tonnes of bluey-pinky-lilac shimmer on top.
It's really hard to capture the pink shift in a photo but in real life it's pretty apparent as you move your fingers around.
Under artificial light the polish glows with all the blue glitter in it.
I'm really pleased with how this look turned out but after I applied it I did have a certain feeling of deja vu... I've checked and they aren't the same but there are definite similarities to Models Own Indian Ocean, I'd quite like to do a little swatching test to see just how similar.
Blaster seems to lean more blue whereas I was surprised at just how pink Indian Ocean was but without trying them both over the same base colour it's hard to tell how close they are as dupes.  Regardless Indian Ocean is one of my favourite duochrome polishes so I'm quite happy to have it's close cousin my collection now too!

A limited number of Hedy's polishes can be found on Cosmetic Fairy website, details in this post: Polish Haul.

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