Saturday, 10 November 2012

Christmas Stickers 2

Here's my next batch of Christmas stickers, also from ebay but this time from a different seller.  They arrived well wrapped and in just 11 days which is pretty good going when they're coming from Hong Kong.  Here's the eBay picture:
And some shots I took myself:
I'm pleased with these, they're bright and colourful and there are lots of good designs which will definitely come in handy over the festive period.  I particularly love the full body Santas.
Look out for these in my month of festive manicure starting in December.


  1. I love Christmas! can't wait to see what you create with thesee!

    Jazz x

  2. They look awesome.

    I ordered loads of Xmas stickers from China last year, they are so cool.

  3. these look so cute! I love Christmas :)

  4. I love these, but you need a 50p for scale.