Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Kiko 385

I've had another chop so we're back to short nails again, I went climbing the other day and it's pretty much impossible to do that with anything but the shortest of nails so a quick trim was in order.
Today's polish is a gorgeous bright blue cream from Kiko, 385, as with almost all of the Kiko creams it applies beautifully and is fully opaque in 2 coats.
What's hard to tell from the daylight photos is that the polish has a slightly rubberised finish to it and is so bright it's almost neon in colour, it really jumps out at you.  You can see the finish and colour pretty well here in the flash shots, just try and ignore the stray cat hairs, it's not easy to stay hair free if you paint your nails with someone furry sitting right on you!
In daylight the colour does still pop and is a very bright blue but you lose a touch of that in your face look in the photos of it.
I can't see this polish lasting long without a little addition, so watch this space...


  1. Gorgeous blue, it looks similar to Butler Please! by Essie which is a nightmare to apply. Will have to keep my eye out for this one.

    1. I only have a couple of Essie polishes becasue I find they apply pretty horribly most of the time, Kiko on the other hand goes on beautifully pretty much every time, it's one of the reasons I rate the brand so highly.