Sunday, 29 December 2013

Skinfood - Good Afternoon Apple Cinnamon Tea BB Cream

This is my fourth post on this particular Skin Food collection of BB Creams.  I've already purchased and blogged about 3 of the Good Afternoon collection, if you click their names you can see the posts on them here; Lemon Rose Tea, Peach Green Tea and Honey Black Tea
Originally I went looking on eBay for another tube of the Lemon Rose because I absolutely love it but it seems to be very hard to find, I'm guessing the stock has run out as this isn't a new collection.
While I was looking I decided that since I really liked the three I have already so much I should try out the others in the range, Apple Cinnamon is the first of them.
Apple and Cinnamon is the 'whitening' BB cream in the range which sounds a bit worrying, but on further investigation it's described like this:
A brightening BB Cream that re-illuminates skin with apple extract and detoxifies impurities with cinnamon, promoting a more even and brighter skin tone. With SPF 36.
Which sounds a lot less Michael Jackson skin whitening disaster and more bright, glowing skin which is really the effect I'd rather have. ;)
 The cream has a lovely smooth and very creamy texture, it applies evenly to the skin without any effort at all.  I chose Shade 1 in this BB cream as it's the one I wear most of the time, Shade 2 does me on holiday when I have a tan but that's rare!  Shade 1 is light but suits my skin well, if you have more olive or darker skin then I would definitely say to try the darker Shade 2, although 1 is idea for me I am quite pale generally so it won't suit everyone.

   The smell of the product is OK, it's vaguely medicinal - I think anyway, you may disagree - and not particularly apple and cinnamon scented as you might expect from the name.  It's not unpleasant but I wouldn't rave about it and it's not as nice or strong as some of the others in the range.

 On the skin this feels a little different to the other BB creams from the collection, it was a touch more oily feeling when I applied it to my face, certainly more so than the Peach Green Tea version which is the one I have been wearing most recently.  Despite that it doesn't look too different on my face than the others, it's a light to medium coverage so defintiely not great for trying to cover problem skin but good for a little boost if you dpn't want or like the look of full coverage foundation.  It blends well and leaves my skin looking brighter and more even in tone.

I bought this product from f2plus1 on eBay and I have to say I am super impressed. It arrived in a week (7 days - ordered on day 1, received on day 7) and came well packaged.  All of the BB creams are priced at around £5 and many sellers offer free P&P which makes it a bit of a bargain.  Obviously there are a lot of dodgy sellers on eBay and you do have to be careful but I have no qualms in recommending f2plus1 if you are after this product as I thought their service was great.

Overall a very pleasing purchase, I really like the Good Afternoon range and Apple Cinnamon is no exception, if you're in the market for a new BB cream then definitely check them out.

Berry Berry Tea is the final of the 5 BB Creams in this range, I've also ordered it so look out for a post on it very soon.


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  1. Aww! How disappointing it doesn't smell like apple and cinnamon, although there would be great danger of me eating it if it did. lol.