Thursday, 2 January 2014

Skinfood - Good Afternoon Berry Berry Tea BB Cream

As I mentioned in my recent post about the Apple Cinnamon version of this BB Cream, I liked the first three versions of this range so much that I felt like I had to give the other two a try too.  The final version in the Good Afternoon BB Cream range is Berry Berry Tea which I am showing you today.  The packaging is the same as all the others in the range, pretty and fairly luxurious feeling.

Berry Berry Tea smells really nice, it's a soft creamy scent, fruity but also a little flowery, I really like it.  It's very pleasant to apply to your face as it's a delicate feminine sort of scent which isn't too overpowering.

The BB cream applied nicely, it feels quite mattifying on the skin as it goes on but feels slightly less moisturising than some of the others in the range.  Berry Berry is described as a wrinkle smoothing and concealing BB cream that smooths fine lines and dents while evening out skin tone with anti-ageing superfood acai berry and raspberry because of that I was expecting it to feel very creamy when it went onto the face but in reality it wasn't any more than the others in the range. 

So far I can't say I've noticed any great improvement in wrinkles but it does leave the skin looking nice and smooth and give a medium coverage which for me is what a BB cream should do.
When I tried this one on my hand I though it looked a bit more orange than the others from the range but once it was on my face it looked absolutely fine and there was no issue with the shade at all, this one is shade 1 again as it suits my skin 90% of the time when I don't have a tan.

Overall I like this BB cream but I don't think it would be top of my list in the range, stand by for a full round up of all the shades and my top pick from the collection very soon.

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