Saturday, 14 December 2013

Santa's Abdomen

After I painted this design on my nails I asked my partner what he thought they were - I do this quite often to see if things look like they are meant to and also to hear his often amusing guesses - his answer this time was 'Santa's Abdomen', which is technically true but a little literal, I was aiming more for Santa's Jackets. :)
You may remember I did these nails last year too, this year's attempt is slightly more refined but still not perfect enough for me to be happy with them, I really am rubbish at freehand nail art which is a constant source of irritation to me.

Saying that, I don't think they look too bad and I've had quite a few positive comments on them which is always nice.  This time around I used the same base of Scarlet Sparkle but I used a fine brush and the polish from some nail art pens to do the fur trim and belt which made it slightly neater but not much, again the buckle was Barry M Gold Foil.

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