Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Kiko Christmas Haul

I posted the other day about Kiko's 2013 Christmas Collection - Digital Emotion and the Sugar Mat Gift Set which is a part of the collection and now I have them in my grubby hands to show you some more photos.  One of the best things about Kiko is that even buying online, having not seen the polishes in person, you can be fairly certain they are going to be gorgeous and this order was no exception.  Here's what I chose:

First up, 4 nail polishes from the main Digital Emotion range of Digital Nail Lacquers, they are (from left to right); 437 Intuative Pink, 440 Electron Blue, 441 Illusion Green and 442 Techno Black.

All 4 (and I presume the other two in the range which I don't have) are slightly sheer base polishes crammed full of holographic glitter, each polish also features glitter in the same shade as the base making them all slightly different from each other but obviously part of the same collection.

While they're not really very typical Christmas colours I think the glitter packed look of these polishes is perfect for the holiday season and I like the fact that Kiko doesn't always go with a Chrismtas specific colour palette.

Next up the gorgeous Sugar Mat box set, I am so delighted with this, the colours are gorgeous and for £19.90 it's a huge bargain, pretty much half price for the polishes!

The foily purple and pink box opens like a book to reveal the 8 polishes neatly lined up inside...  The colours are 451 Apricot, 452 Watermelon, 453 Cherry Red, 454 Wine, 455 Light Taupe, 456 Teal, 457 Royal Blue and 458 Anthracite.

When you remove the tray they're sitting in you can see them in all their glory.

From the description on the website I wasn't sure how many of the 8 polishes would have the sparkly Sugar Mat finish that I love but as luck would have it all 8 of them have a shimmer so I really couldn't be more pleased.

Again the colours aren't typically festive but they are super sparkly and gorgeous so perfect for party wear and nights out and the red is definitely ideal as a Christmas manicure.

The blue and green also look like they might make good bases for some Christmas style stamping.

I can't wait to get these on my nails, the main problem will be deciding which to use first!

And with that I am turning the blog over to Christmas, so for the rest of the advent period expect snowflakes and santa and snowmen to be front and centre.

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