Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas Bunting!

You might remember several months ago I ordered some cotton to make bunting with, then I posted an update about how I was getting along, today I have the big reveal post!  It's done, well, almost done, I have a couple of triangles still to do so I can make a second string but I am waiting on some lovely people sending me a little more cotton as I ran out at the last minute.

Once the triangles are all crocheted up they need to be blocked so they hold their shape, and look more like actual triangles than the curved edge triangles they are when you crochet them.  I blocked mine by securing them onto an old bath mat with some little pins. 

 I held an iron just above them and blasted them with steam and then left them to dry off and cool down so that they would hold their shape.

Then it's just a case of taking them off and laying them out ready to be strung together, as you can see I am two triangles short of two sets of 7 triangle bunting.  You can also see that some of my triangles are a bit smaller than other, next time I think I should measure as I pin them because some got more stretched out than others.

The final stage before hanging is to attach all the triangles together, I did this by creating a chain to start and then slip stitching into each of the triangles right along the top edge, then some more chain stitches in between and at the other end so I had something to use to hang it up.

I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out, it definitely does look like bunting which is a big bonus, unfortunately by the time I was done the light had gone so the pictures are a little dull looking, it's more festive in natural light, I promise.

I found this a relatively simple project to do and it's made me want to buy more cotton in other colours and make a large set of bunting, maybe for my little niece's bedroom, that's a project - and purchase - that can wait until the new year though!

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