Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Yes Love - Coloured Speckled - Swatches

I was (still am, really) planning on doing Christmas manicures all through December like I did last year but somehow the start of the month has sort of sneaked up on me and I'm not really ready for it!  So, before I launch into a month of more festive themed nails I have yesterday's Speckled polishes on my nails to show you. 
Although these polishes are far from Christmasy I couldn't resist trying these out after I received them, there was no way they could wait until the new year to get an outing.
I couldn't quite make up my mmind which to use first so I decided to just try them all out as they're nicely compatible pastel shades.

These pictures are just two coats of polish, it applies really nicely and there wasn't too much need to poke about and reposition the glitter which is quite often a problem with this sort of polish.

In the bottle the blue was my favourite but since trying them on my nails I have fallen in love with the green, it's just SO pretty, although I do still love the blue and peach too.  I can't wait to try these out as full manicures and have a go stamping over them too, I think they'll be a great base for stamping designs so look out for that in the future.

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