Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Spotted Nicole by OPI at Superdrug!

Look what I spotted in Superdrug yesterday!  Nicole by OPI!

Previously these have been pretty hard to track down in store in the UK so they're definitely a welcome addition to Superdrug, although at £7.99 each I think I'll be waiting for a must have colour before I make my first purchase.

There are some lovely shade though and the latest Modern Family collection was included in the display so it looks like we're pretty up to date, which is brilliant.
So, any must have Nicole by OPI polishes I should be keeping my eyes out for, it's not a brand I have ever really used, except for one lovely glitter I got as a gift a while back and another glitter my brother brought me back from America.
It's so nice that finally we are getting some of the brands that have been available in the US for years!


  1. Wow amazing! I'll be keeping an eye out, £7.99 isn't cheap, you're right, but I would maybe pick a couple up if they were on offer. I haven't seen these anywhere in the UK before!

  2. I am stil gutted that OPI products are so expensive in the UK :(

  3. I saw these in my Superdrug too! Was soooo tempted!

  4. Ooh bring on the special offers Superdrug!