Monday, 27 May 2013

Kiko 407 Starry Indigo

This polish is part of the Dashing Holiday s collection which was released around Christmas 2012.  I've posted about it before, when I received it, and also when I wore it as a Christmas day manicure.  Although it does have wintery connotations I decided to try it out in the spring (although the weather up here would suggest we're not far from winter) and I'm glad I did, this definitely isn't a polish to be ignored in the summer months.
These pictures are two coats and for a jelly type base with glitter I think it covers amazingly well. Generally sheer based glitters need at least 3 coats but Starry Indigo is opaque in just 2 and there's very little need to poke and prod the glitter about the get it into position.

The base is a deep, almost royal, blue shade packed with silver glitter.  Considering the amount of glitter crammed into the polish it applies surprisingly smoothly and with just one coat of top coat it's totally smooth.


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