Saturday, 4 May 2013

Luch Lacquer - Birthday Cake

This is the first Indie polish to feature on my blog, and unfortunately it's not the most glowing review.  I borrowed this polish from a friend while I was away for the weekend and was really excited to try it out as it looks amazing in the bottle. 
Birthday Cake is a milky white base crammed full of different sizes and shapes of glitter, there are loads of different colours, small glitter, large iridescent glitter and even multi-coloured bar glitter.  It's sort of like a more delicate China Glaze It's a Trapeze on steroids, so you can see why I was desperate to try it out.

Unfortunately, application was pretty horrible. The polish was thick and clumpy and hard to spread around evenly. The glitter is very thickly packed into the polish which is always going to make it harder to use, it does mean you get decent coverage for a glitter polish but it makes the actually application rather horrid.

It also chipped really fast and the bar glitter began to stick up from my nails and feel very rough within 24 hours despite being covered with two coats of top coat.

I do like how the polish looked on and you have to take your hat off to a glitter polish that is properly opaque with no base colour in just two coats but overall I wasn't blown away with it, application and staying power are two pretty major areas where this polish just didn't quite hold up.
I adore some of the other colours on the Lush Lacquer Etsy site so I might give another couple a try in the future, I'm not quite ready to write off a brand that makes glitter polish which is opaque in two coats and some of the application issue could be down to me applying it when I was away rather than at home with my usual set up.  So overall a mixed review of my first Indie polish.


  1. I've been wanting to try out Lush Lacquer for so long because they have such beautiful glitter polishes. I haven't seen any reviews on their polish until now and it was nice hearing a true opinion on their formula, because without a good formula you just don't want to wear it! I have a few polishes like that. A shame. If you try another one out, I'll be watching to see what you think.

    1. The colours are so pretty I think I will end up trying others, I guess the price you pay for glitter packed indies is that they aren't always so nice to apply.

      My friend Claire has quite a few of them if you are interested in seeing more swatches and reading her opinion on them, her blogs here, it's fab: