Thursday, 2 May 2013

Bankrupt by Barry M - NEW Gelly Hi-Shine, Confetti and Sequin Nail Effects.

Barry M have been busy recently announcing 3 new lines which are soon to be launched, meaning my bank account probably won't be too happy with me in the very near future.  Barry M are definitely one of the best high street polish producers and the three lots of new additions are testament to that.
First up, 5 more new Gelly Hi Shine colours, I love the existing shades so the news that there will soon be 5 more is very exciting, they look like good contenders for stamping too.

Key Lime, Mango, Blue Grape, Passion Fruit and Guava.

I love the picture of them altogether but the colours look even brighter and bolder in the individual shots, look at the bright royal blue, and the lime!

All 5 of these are going straight on my wish list.  They'll be in Superdrug on June the 5th and Boots on June 12th for £3.99 each.

Next up, the Sequin Nail Effects which I am also rather excited about.  There are three polishes in this collection; a black, a white and a pink.

The pink looks like a dupe of Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop which is a polish I have been lusting after for a while.

The black to me is the least interesting of the 3, I'll need to see it in person but in the bottle shots it's very similar to another Barry M polish which is currently out and doesn't look too exciting, I wish it had been a baby blue base shade instead.

Finally the white which looks like an excellent dupe for China Glaze It's a Trapeze.

I think I will probably be picking up 2 out of the 3 of these.  They're out a bit sooner, on May the 8th, in both Boots and Superdrug, again for £3.99 each.

Finally, the Confetti Nail Effects collection, these are the same idea as the Nails Inc Feather Effects and In Vogue Feather polishes, although Barry M does seem to have come up with a few different colour combinations.  There are 5 altogether.

Bubblegum, Sour Apple, Dolly Mixture, Marshmallow and Liquorice.

It's hard to tell from the bottle shots but Dolly Mixture looks like it could be a dupe of In Vogue Parakeet or Nails Inc Chester with it's blue, peach and yellow confetti.  Sour Apple looks like it could be very similar to Nails Inc Brighton and In Vogue On the Money, bright yellow and turquoise.  Finally Bubblegum, which is blue and white confetti, could be similar to Nails Inc Cornwall and In Vogue Jaye Bird but from the bottle shot looks like a lighter blur so it's one that will need to be checked out on person for a proper comparison.

The final two colours seem more unique, Marshmallow is pink and white confetti which seems similar to Nails Inc York or In Vogue Sunset but with baby pink instead of peach.  Liquorice is black and white confetti and unlike any of the Nails Inc or In Vogue polishes, it's the only one from this collection that I am fairly sure I'll want to buy when I see it in person.

These ones are also £3.99 each and again they're release on the 5th of June in Superdurg and the 12th in Boots.
SO, loads of new goodies from Barry M and at least 8 that I really think my stash is missing, looks like I should start saving now...  What will you be picking up when these hit the shelves?


  1. I love the look of the Gellys, but I'm not quite so keen on the Confettis as I don't like bar glitter that much.

    Apparently, the sequin polishes are textured, which has really put me off. I would have bought the black and the white if they were in a normal, creme base, but I really dislike the gritty polishes, so will sadly be giving those a miss.

    1. I'm gutted about the sequin ones now I have read a few reviews, I think I'll definitely be passing on them, I really don't like the textured look with the big bits of glitter, even bloggers who's nails I normally LOVE haven't managed to make them look good. :(

      The first swatches of the gelly ones look great though so I am happy at that.