Sunday, 12 May 2013

Money Saver! Iseree Cotton Wool Pads at LIDL

I go through LOADS of cotton wool pads, what with taking of my nail polish so often and using them to cleanse and tone my face I feel like I am forever having to stock up.  Usually I use Superdrug's own version which are the best reasonably priced ones I have found.  They're generally on offer at 2 for £2.50 making them £1.25 for a pack of 100.
The other day however I noticed LIDL's own brand and picked up a packet to try them out, they retail at just 55p for 120, making them less than 0.5p each compared to 1.25p for Superdrug's.

I've taken a comparison photo and posted it below, the Superdrug pads feel slightly thicker and more sturdy but overall there is not a huge difference, they both have two different textures; one side fairly smooth and the other slightly more textured and they both have sewn up edges.

They are a very similar product, with not so similar prices.
The Superdrug pads feel a little bit nicer to use for facial stuff, they're a bit more solid and thicker feeling where as the LIDL pads can become a little thin when saturated with cleanser or toner and lose any sort of texture when they're covered in anything oily, for nails stuff they are totally fine though, thick enough to hold together and not too fluffy so they leave your fingers covered in fibres.
This isn't the first nail or beauty bargain I've picked up in LIDL, I've previously posted about the nail polish remover I got from there so if you have one nearby it's definitely worth popping in and having a look.  Rumour has it that they will soon be launching a proper make up line so I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for that, in the meantime I know where to go when I need to stock up on cotton pads, if you use as many as I do then it might be worth a visit for you too.


  1. I've tried the Lidl ones but didn't really like them. I found them to be a bit thin for removing polish. The ones I normally use are from Asda's own range, usually get them from Robroyston. I think they have them in Bishopbriggs now since they did it up.

    Haha Lidl with a make-up line lol. I've seen polish and other make-up in Aldi, but nothing to write home about!

    1. I've never tried ASDA ones, I might give them a go next time I'm in! The LIDL ones are a little thin, especially if you have glitter on!