Monday, 20 May 2013

Models Own Hayley's Comet

I've posted about this polish before when I wore it over black polish but I wanted to try and get it to look more like it does in the bottle with a sort of browny tone to it, so this time I decided to apply it over Beanie by No7 which is a sort of browny taupe colour.
Initially, it looked great and definitely gave me the look I wanted however I painted my nails before going out to the cinema and didn't leave enough time for them to dry (mostly due to the fact Beanie has gone all vile and took 3 coats to become even so I was sporting 5 coats of polish in the end) and they got totally massacred. :(
I've decided to stick a quick picture up anyway to give you an idea of the colour but excuse the state of the chips and dents, I was tempted to re-do the manicure the next night but I didn't love it enough to do the exact same things again.
It's a lovely browny wine polish with turquoise shimmer through it, in a lot of lights it looks very blue toned but I've managed to get a couple of (chipped) pictures of the duochrome effect which give you an idea of how it looks on.
It reminds me a little of Urban Decay Bruise which is handy since it's discontinued and no longer available.  I'll definitely be using this polish again some time soon but I'll make sure I have a better base colour or longer to let it dry before I do!

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