Tuesday, 28 May 2013

My First Finished Blanket

Another crochet related post today, to show you the first official project that I have finished.  Despite it not being perfect I am pretty proud of this little blanket.

It gave me the chance to try blocking (which as I understand it makes your blanket a nice regular shape and not all wonky like they can be when you first finish them).

I pinned mine to the table in the kitchen using a bath sheet and some little berry pins, then gave a it a quick going over with a steam iron, not actually touching the blanket, just getting the steam into it.

Once it was dry it did seem to be a better shape and the edges were a good bit straighter, as usual it was impossible to get a picture without my helper being involved.  He seems to think everything I crochet is his and doesn't like to let any of it out of his sight for too long.  Unfortunately for him this blanket is destined for someone else, I may have to sneak it out of the house when he's not watching.

Now that one is done I can concentrate properly on my giant granny afghan, updates of my progress to follow...

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