Thursday, 10 January 2013

US Yankee Tarts

I was very lucky that my lovely boyfriend's equally lovely parents sent me a little package of US goodies over as a treat for Christmas, included in the package were some US Yankee Tarts, all fragrances which aren't available in the UK.  I am so excited to try them out!
So far I've burned Fireside which is a lovely woody, herby scent with hints of firewood and smoke about it - nice smoke though, not just regular smoke!  It's quite a masculine fragrance but it was perfect for a cosy evening in.  I'm hesitant to use them too quickly though as I know I can't get anymore easily, silly I know but I don't want to waste their deliciousness!
Apparently there are some places which sell the US only scents in the UK but I am yet to track any of them down, so if you know of anywhere that sells the harder to find, US released scents please comment below, otherwise I'll have to start pestering my almost MIL to go shopping for me again!


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    1. I haven't, I've never seen them in there but I will keep an eye out.