Saturday, 19 January 2013

New Q1 Yankee Tarts

There are few things that make a work day more pleasing than something like this arriving in the post for you, as well as being jam packed full of lovely tarts the box smelled amazing, so it was lovely to have on my desk all day too.  Suffice to say it cheered me right up.
The new Q1 fragrances have just been released by Yankee so I decided to make an order to try them out and also to stock up on some other bits and pieces I needed (need is a very subjective thing ;) these might have been more 'wants' than needs), including my bathroom staple Bahama Breeze while it was 25% off.
First off the new Q1 fragrances; Turquoise Sky, A Child's Wish, Paradise Spice, Black Coconut and Waikiki Melon. These came as part of a sampler pack which makes each tart just 87p, you can't not try the new scents for that price!

I can't wait to try them out, they all sound exactly like fragrances I would love and they're perfect for heading into spring with lots of fresh, fruity scents.  I am slightly hesitant about Paradise Spice as I don't like banana or cinnamon scented things but I had a quick sniff of a candle as I was passing a Yankee stall the other day and it actually seems rather lovely so I have pretty high hopes for the whole collection.
Here's my whole order laid out:

Not just one of each though, that would have been far too reserved...

As I said Bahama Breeze is a staple scent in my bathroom so I had to stock up on it while it was on offer, True Rose was also discounted and is another I love and then a couple of the soon to be gone Christmas Cupcake which are seasonal Christmas tarts but I love to burn all year round.
I also decided to try out some new tarts so the rest are a mix of scents I've never had before and wanted to try.
And finally, as a bonus I was sent a free Cherries on Snow sampler as I spent over £20, I've had a tart of the same fragrance before so I was quite pleased to receive a scent I knew I liked. 

My stock of tarts is rather hug now so I think I'll be able to lay off ordering anymore until the next release of fragrances (Q2) in the summer, well, maybe... ;)
What are your favourite Yankee scents?


  1. Oh my goodness...they last so long as well, how do you even get through all of them?? Lol.

    1. I burn one every night, although usually just half a tart, then at the weekend I can use a couple of different scents in a couple of different rooms so I do get through them, eventually! ;)

  2. Wow! That's some collection you've got.

    I loved burning candles and loved the gingerbread ones, but sadly one of my wee cats goes mental with strange smells so had to stop! Not burned any in two years and gave the scented ones away to pals. Got some kicking about but never burn them, just sniff them from time to time!

    I also need to be careful where I'm spraying perfume as well. Poor we thing isn't great with strong scents.

    1. Poor wee thing, some cats can be funny with strong smells, luckily for me (and my candle and perfume collection) mine is fine with most smells, he just sleeps all the time!