Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Kringle Candle Company

Today I have another (yes, I know, obsessive much?!) post about scented candles (or scented wax potpourri to be more exact) this time from Kringle Candle Company.  I found a link to Kringle via Facebook while on a page for a company that sells Yankee Candles, being rather keen on the Yankee tarts at the moment I had to go and have a look at what was being touted as one of their biggest competitors. 

The people who run Kringle Candles used to run one of the sites which sells Yankee Candles so I was quite keen to see the product that had made them change to supplying a different product.  In turn it seems that Kringle Candles are run by the family who initially set up Yankee Candles years ago (you can read all about it on their site if you are interested).

After having a quick look round the site I decided I was going to have to try out a few of their wax potpurri, not least because they have two of my holy grail scents (pineapple and mint) which Yankee don't ship to the UK!  They also had an offer on where you get 20% off the fragrances that they are retiring soon.

I ordered on Monday morning and my packaged arrived first thing Tuesday, the next day, which is great service especially considering the P&P was only £2.50 (it's free delivery if you spend over £30).  It was packaged well in a nice box which kept the potpourri well protected on it's travels:

Inside were my selection of wax potpourri, Kringle's answer to Yankee's wax tarts.

They also enclosed a leaflet with details of the company and descriptions of all the different sizes of candles they do which I thought was a nice touch.

From the soon to be retiring fragrances I picked 7 to try.  Bartlett Pear, Honeydew Melon, Strawberry, Peppermint Twist, Ruby Red Punch, Vanilla Mint and Frosted Cake:

Additionally, I had to try out their Fresh Mint and their Coconut Pineapple as I mentioned above.  I also added in a Hot Chocolate as I have been looking for a chocolate scent that wasn't fake and overly sweet, I thought I'd give this one a go too.

The wax potpourri is really nicely and simply packaged; shrink wrapped in plastic with a different sticker on top depending on the fragrance.  All Kringle candles are white so the stickers are the only difference look wise on the products.
Even in their wrappers they smell fantastic, the problem was definitely which one to burn first!  I decided on Peppermint Twist which is described as Those classic red-and-white swirled candies have always created a frosty mint sensation on the tongue. Peppermint Twist fills the air with that same tangy goodness.  And they're right, this one smells exactly like candy canes when burned, fresh, cool and sweet without being sickening.  It's quite an uplifitng fragrance and is one I will probably burn during the day when I want to feel a bit more active and revived.
Next up I tried Bartlett Pear which is The distinctive juicy aroma of a newly-sliced orchard pear is front and center. With cool green base notes matched by nectar-like top notes, this fragrance honors the real fruit handsomely.  This one is also lovely, and does smell exactly like a lovely juicy pear, not at all synthetic and very fresh and delicious.  Some other fruit scents that I've tried previously can be very synthetic and clawing but this wasn't at all, the green base notes mentioned really do give it a lovely crisp note on top of the fruit.
The throw of the fragrance is good too, I used a little under half of a wax potpourri each time and they made my fairly large sized living room smell beautiful and strong enough that you could really smell it rather than just having a background scent.  I think a whole one one would have been a bit overpowering in a single room.
Price wise these were £1.40 each, so a little more expensive than Yankee, there are other breakable ones which are £1.80, which are definitely a good idea as the regular ones are hard to break without tools and brute force!  I'm not sure I would pay an extra 40p per item just to have them easily break though, I think I'll continue to just bash at them with scissors.
As regular readers will know I am a big fan of Yankee Candles and I use a lot of their wax tarts which are essentially a very similar product, being such a Yankee fan I wasn't sure that Kringle could compete but so far they really have done, I was delighted with the speed of delivery and the initial quality of the products and the wax potpourri I have used so far has only built on that positive first impression.  Another plus point is that Kringle's Facebook page seems to be very active and monitored by the people behind the company so people do get answers if they post on there which I always think is a big plus for any company. 
I have a whole load of Yankee tarts to use up but from now on there will definitely be two options to look at when I am buying home fragrance, and currently Kringle are just out in front, mainly down to their speedy delivery and the gorgeous scents.  Having mint and coconut AND chocolate scents avaliable has definitely pleased me.  I can't wait to try some more and possibly a candle or two as well, just to see what they're like, obviously. ;)
Have you tried Kringle Candles yet?  What do you think?

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