Friday, 25 January 2013

Urban Decay - Bruise

I picked this polish up a few years back in Superdrug, it was in a little jar of odds and ends and I thought it looked like quite an interesting colour, a sort of wine shade with a duochrome blue green flash through it.  I also loved the name, the colours do sort of resemble the shades a bad bruise goes through. :)
After a bit of research online it turns out that Bruise is actually quite sought after having been discontinued in the US quite a few years ago, there was little mention of it ever having been released in the UK so how it ended up in my Superdrug I'll never know! 
On to the polish:

In bright light the green blue flash really shows through and you can see why this polish is one that people try and hunt down.
The downside is that it's pretty sheer, initially I wore two coats but it wasn't at all opaque and really didn't look great in outdoor lighting (as you can see below):
However, a third coat and some bright fluorescent lighting and it's hard to knock this polish, it's deep wine coloured base is jam packed with thousands of tiny glitter particles which really make it glow.

If you happen to see a bottle anywhere I would recommending grabbing it!

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