Thursday, 3 January 2013

GALS Fairy Stamping Plates

Today I have the second of the GALS stamping plate sets to show you, the Fairy set (which features plates GA26-GA50), as with the previous set the Fairy set is available on Amazon from Cheeky's shop there. I have taken individual photos of each plate to show the images but first a quick reminder of the boxes for the sets (they're slightly beat up from transit but all the plates arrived in good condition).

Here are the pictures of the plates:

As you can see there are a great selection of images, I particularly love the full nail designs, I can't wait to try  more of them out.  I've already used a couple of the plates in my final Christmas themed manicure of this year, which you can see here.  They stamped beautifully and all the images were perfectly crisp.  

The one minor issue I would mention about these plates is that they are slightly smaller than some other plates I have so they didn't cover the full length of my nails when they were long.  On shorter nails they would be absolutely fine but ladies with longer nails might want to bear the slightly smaller size of these images.

The only thing left to do was to stick them into my plate holder, which you can see more info on here.


  1. where did you get the plate holder from? <3

    1. Amazon, theres a post on it here:

      So handy!

  2. This set looks great, have fun and look forward to seeing the swatches x