Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Octa-gone Wild!

I decided to break out a holo today and went with the dusky lilac Octa-gone Wild from China Glaze, here it is in natural light, quite plain, not very holo but pretty none the less:

And here is with flash, showing a little more of it's holo side:

The rest of the pictures show my nails under bright fluorescent lights, as you can see the holo side really shows well in this sort of light, which is just as well because in January in Glasgow there is no direct sunlight to show it off in!

This polish is part of the Kaleidoscope collection that China Glaze brought out a few years back, the colours are not quite such in your face holographic as the OMG range but I still really like them.

Unfortunately they don't wear brilliantly and you can already see some tip wear in these shots, since they were taken after a day of work there is more tip wear and the odd little chip which is a bit frustrating.  I always end up forgiving holographic polishes for their crappy wear time though because they are so pretty when you wear them. <3 p="p">

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  1. Wow!!! I so love this nail color for I find it classy and elegant. This is perfect for any occasion.