Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Today I did some festive stamping over my Blue Bells Ring manicure from yesterday.  I used plates HB23, from the HB nail plates from BF Beauty, and HB05, from Bunny Nails' HD plates collection, both of which feature snowflakes.
The HB plate stamps relatively well, the larger centre image is great but some of the smaller snowflakes were quite tricky to get looking crisp and neat, most of them turned out ok though. 
The HD plate was great, it features 3 larger snowflakes and they all stamped well, a couple of mine blurred slightly but I think that was more user error than the plates. Now on to some pictures:
I used the larger design for a couple of fingers and then covered the rest with a mix of large and small individual snowflakes in a random pattern. All the stamping is done in Barry M Silver foil.
I'm really pleased with how this turned out, for a quicker version I think you could just use the larger design from the HB plate on most nails but I like the addition of lots of different flakes on each finger, making it a bit more random and like real snow.


  1. I have nominated you in the Liebster Awards :)

    1. Thank you! I did one earlier in the year but I will try and update it soon.

  2. beautiful mani, I don't think I own a snowflake stamp plate I will have to sort that out!