Friday, 28 December 2012

Mavala Orion

Another little filler post while I continue to fill myself with Christmas cheer. Today I have a flakie to show you, not one of my favourite flakies or one of the more in your face ones available but a pretty one none the less, Orion by Mavala.  I think this might have been part of  a limited edition collection as I haven't ever seen it in shops or anywhere online really. I am wearing a base coat of Barry M Grapefruit under this polish as it's pretty sheer.
With a flash or under bright artificial light you can really see the very fine shimmery glittery through this polish, and some of the flakies.
In bright light it takes on a very jelly-ish finish, looking really juicy, depending on the angle you have your hand at you can also see the flakies pretty well.
Although it's a subtle sort of flakie I like this polish, the juicy finish and pink colour are pretty and feminine and a little different than just a regular pink polish.

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