Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Body Shop Home Fragrance Oils

Something a little different today but still Christmas themed, sort of!  I recently tried out a couple of these fragrance oils from The Body Shop and I have been so impressed with them that I had to do a post.  Initially I picked up the Ginger Sparkle version as I am a sucker for anything ginger scented and I love the body range that they have in this scent. 
It's a gorgeous warm, sugary ginger scent and ideal for Christmas, I was so impressed I decided to try out another of the Christmas fragrance oils, Cranberry Joy, this one is a zingy fresh fruit scent and also lovely, although not half as strong as the Ginger Sparkle.
As well as the Christmas releases I also picked up three of the regular fragrances (I had a 50% off voucher so I decided to stock up); Exotic, Pomegranate & Raspberry and Vanilla & Tonka Bean.  The oils are £4 each and available both in store and online.

Exotic is by far my favourite, it's fresh fruity and gorgeous, it's also pretty powerful so I have been using just a few drops to scent the whole room.  Vanilla & Tonka Bean is lovely too, a warm, comforting fragrance that is lovely for winter, it's not as strong as the Exotic scent though and a lot more subtle.  Pomegranate & Raspberry is a slightly sweeter version of Cranberry Joy, very fruity but not hugely powerful, of all the oils I have tried so far this one is the least strong.
I have been using all these oils on my radiators, adding a few drops to the bar at the top and allowing the heat to send the fragrance around the room, it works wonderfully well and means that you literally don't need anything except the oils and a  radiator, no need for burners or anything else.
Overall, I love these oils, they are such a simple way to scent a room and for £4 they are pretty good value too.  If I was to recommend a couple to buy that I like best I would go with the Christmas Ginger Sparkle and the Exotic, they are both gorgeous fragrances and strong enough to scent the room with a few drops.

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