Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas French Manicure

Today I've done something I haven't done in AGES, a french manicure.  My nails are usually pretty stained from having polish on all the time so the sheer nude colours needed to do a french manicure don't tend to look good with the staining shining through.  I have been very good recently though and worn a base coat and tried to avoid very stain inducing polishes in the hope I could try out a Christmas themed french and here are the results:

How cute are the joyful little snowmen?!  As you can see my nails are still not totally stain free so there is a bit of colour difference near the tips, I don't think it looks quite so obvious in real life though, damn you macro setting on the camera! ;)

I did a regular french polish and then just added some more of my Christmas stickers over the top to create a snowy scene.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out, despite my rather sloppy tip painting.

I like the placement of the index finger stars better on my right hand which is the one which I don't always photograph, the spacing is slightly neater, I think.

Overall, I am so pleased with how this turned out, of all my Christmas manicures so far this one looks most like it did in my head and I am keen to try something similar again this month if I have the time.

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