Thursday, 6 December 2012

Revlon - Emerald City

This was my Christmas Day polish from last year, it's a dark forest green shade which dries to a matte finish, I always top coat it though so it looks glossy and sparkly.  It applies nicely and is properly opaque in two coats, unfortunately it doesn't wear well at all. 
This polish is very chippy a you can see from the pictures which were taken the morning after I applied it when all I had done was sleep, you can see there are already a few little chips on the tips. It's a bit of a pain as with it being a dark colour the chips are easy to see, as soon as it started to chip I realised why I hadn't had it out since last Christmas.
Most infuriating, it's such a beautiful colour I would definitely wear it more often if it wasn't such a chipper!


  1. I just got this on ebay for 59p! China Glaze Stone Cold is my worst chipper, along with the only nails inc magnetic polish I have, think it's westminster. not worn either for months because of this.

    1. I find all Nails Inc chip on me except the Sprinkles collection. 59p is a great bargain, even if it does chip!

    2. Not such a bargain after all, I waited from 4th til now and still nothing, had to open a dispute as all seller wanted to do was post me the proof of postage. I hate those receipts they give you at the post office with the post code written on, you could have sent a christmas card and got a receipt. I didn't want to have to be the one chasing my money back.

      Nails Inc seem to be ok on me with the exception of this magnetic one.

    3. That's annoying, I hope you get it sorted. I've sen a few bottles in Poundland recently so maybe keep your eye out there.