Tuesday, 22 May 2012

BeauBelle Snail Cream

Recently I have been reading a few bits and pieces online about how snail cream is good for your skin, particularly for treating acne and red marks, even the Daily Mail have cottoned on, so I thought I would give it a try, especially since I am on the look out for something to help with the scarring and red marks on my face.  

I didn't really fancy shelling out £30 for one of the brands mentioned (cheap, I know) so I decided to give BeauBelle's version a go, it makes some rather big claims online:

Beaubelle Highly concentrated Snail cream (it contains 80% of snail extract)
The most powerful snail gel on market, diminishes wrinkles, vanishes spots.
Due to its regenerative action, helps to diminish keloid scars, firming and anti-sagging action on skin.
Dermatologically tested. Results can be seen since the first application.
I ordered from eBay where the seller also had more praise for the cream:

My packaged arrived within a few days, although sadly the box wasn't in the best condition.

The bottle inside the box wasn't really what I expected either, it looked a bit cheap and homemade, possibly to be expected when buying a cheaper version though.  

It remains to be seen whether trying out the bargain version of snail cream from eBay was in fact a massive mistake, sometimes spending that extra £10 or £12 can make all the difference, one day I might learn.  Although, I've had some great beauty bargains when hunting down cheaper dupes of top end products so I doubt the bargain hunter in me will be put off just yet. 

On the skin the cream is definitely more of a lotion, and does look a bit like snail slime...

It feels like a very lightweight lotion and not at all slimey when applied to the skin though, after rubbing it in my skin felt quite soft and relatively well moisturised but there was no dramatic difference in either look or texture.

I've only tried it on my face once so far and although felt relatively nice and didn't have any immediate adverse effect on the skin it didn't seem like a wonder product either.  I also found that I needed a moisturiser over the top as my skin felt slightly tight after application. 

So, overall, I'm happy to keep trying it out (and will report back) but no snail slime miracles so far and the packaging leaves a lot to be desired!


  1. Thank you very much for your review. I'm really interested in buying exactly this cream (because is cheaper). Can you tell me please what's your opinion about this product after testing it for a longer period? Thank you!

  2. Hello. Thank you very much for your review. I'm really interested in buying exactly this cream. Can you please add to this page your opinion after testing the product for a longer period. Thank you very much!

    1. Hi! I've been using the lotion on and off since I got it, so just over a month now. It's nice but I haven't found any amazing changes. I don't know if that would change if I used it every day without a break but so far I can't see any major difference in my skin. I'll give it another few weeks and then do a proper review but so far I haven't found it anything to rave about.

  3. Thank you very much for your answer! I look forward your next review in a few weeks.