Monday, 14 May 2012

Sleek Blush by 3 - Lace

I have been keen to try one of these Blush by 3 palettes since they were released a few weeks ago and when Superdrug's 3 for 2 offer came back on I decided it was time.  I'd recently seen a mention of the Lace version on a YouTube video saying that the middle colour was a dupe of Orgasm by Nars and since I had been considering trying a few darker and bolder blush colours and have always wondered about Orgasm I thought that Lace would be a good option.

My initial impression was that the colours were very dark and bold, and seemed to have great colour pay off.  Just from swatching them on my hands they were very vibrant.

The palette comprises of a bright orange, crochet, the shimmery peach Orgasm dupe, Guipure, and a cherry red, Chantilly.

Swatches on my arm.  The colours are quite a way away from the sort of blush I tend to use and I think they will take some getting used to.

The colour pay off is incredible, they are so highly pigmented that only the tiniest amout is required.  So far I am still a little scared of the colours as they are vwey bright and I'm a bit of a blusher newbie but hopefully in time with a bit of practice these will make a great addition to my collection.

I'm definitely tempted to try out another at some point in the future as the quality of the product is excellent for the price (£9.99).

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