Monday, 21 May 2012

Zoya Adina, Kiko 347 & Barry M Silver Foil Stamping

Over the weekend I decided to try out Zoya Adina, it's a polish I have had for a while but only worn once so I thought I should give it an outing. 

After I applied it I decided it was a bit dull and I wasn't overly impressed with it on it's own on my newly short nails so I thought I would stamp over the top with Kiko 347.

Unfortunately, my stamping skills were clearly not up to par yesterday and it all looked a bit smudged, patchy and messy. 
Rather than take it all off and start a again I decided to try and save it by stamping again over the top with Barry M Nail Foil in Silver.


While it's still not perfect, and a bit of an odd combination, I do think the stars make the whole design look a bit more cohesive, and more the the point you can't tell that I smudged the zebra print underneath quite so badly.

I do like the double stamp look so that's something I will definitely be doing again, as for the colour combination, probably not.

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