Monday, 30 July 2012

Nails Inc - Sprinkles - Topping Lane & Stamping

This is Topping Lane from the Nails Inc Sprinkles collection.  It's a bright pink base colour with blue pink and silver glitter.  These pictures show 3 coats, as with the others in this collection the glitter is nice and dense and the polish applies well.

Over the top I have used Bundle Monster 306 to stamp a sweetie design.


  1. I love this, so cute! What white do you use for your white stamping? I need a new white.

  2. It's a very cheap nail art pen thing I got in Spain. A bit like the Wah ones Models Own stands in Boots have but mine was I euro. It's good because it's made for nail art the polish seems to be thicker and more opaque.