Wednesday, 4 July 2012

BeauBelle Snail Cream - The Update

A while ago I blogged about BeauBelle Snail Cream which I bought on eBay, this is a follow up post now that I have had the chance to use the product for a while.

Unfortunately my opinion isn't great.  In the last week to 10 days I have used the cream fairly regularly and sadly I haven't noticed much difference at all.  Although it doesn't seem to be doing anything bad to my skin it doesn't appear to be doing much to help it either.

As I said before the 'cream' feels much more like a lotion to me, it's quite thin and watery and once it's applied to the skin it doesn't feel particularly moisturising, in fact I usually have to apply a moisturiser right after it as my skin feels quite tight.

There definitely haven't been any radical changes in the firmness of my skin or in the scars that I have which led me to look into Snail Cream in the first place, in fact, pretty much everything which the cream claims to do on the packaging it doesn't really seem to, so no snail related miracle here.

I'm still interested to try out another brand of Snail Cream and see if that is any better but unfortunately this seems to be one of those times where buying the budget version of a pricier product doesn't work out too well!

If you've tried out any other brands or have a recommendation I would love to hear it!

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