Thursday, 12 July 2012

Homemade backing for stamping plates

Some image plates for nail stamping come without any backing on them, this leaves sharp edges which can either cut your fingers or scratch other plates, there is a simple way to rectify this issue if you do happen to buy plates with no backing.

What you will need:
Double sided sticky tape
(possibly a nail file)

Firstly, cover the back of your image plate with double sided sticky tape, trim away the excess using scissors, I find scissors work better than the scalpel at this stage, you should be left with this:

Next, peel off the backing from your tape and place the image plate onto a piece of firm card, press it down well to make sure it grips then cut around the plate using a scalpel:

Once you done that pop it out of the sheet of cardboard and tidy up the edges.  I find a nail file will take away any wispy bits you have left if you can't get them all with scissors or your scalpel.

You'll be left with neatly backed plates which won't harm you or your other plates.

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