Thursday, 19 July 2012

GOSH Holographic

All the talk of GOSH re releasing this polish (it's due back in stores from August 1st) made me want to wear it again.  Unfortunately the crappy weather in Glasgow means that it isn't showing to it's full potential but I do still love the level of holo-ness you get from this polish.

Application isn't great but I think if you apply it properly and take your time it's totally worth it.

Here's the only decent shots I could get, under artificial light:

And one in direct sunlight, when it appeared for 5 minutes, try and ignore the fact my camera makes everything go wavy in strong sunlight:

And finally, one in dull natural light which show the subtle rainbow you get out of bright light or full sun:

It's such a hard polish to photograph without a decent camera, or any idea what you are doing, but hopefully these give some idea of the holo goodness.

I'm a bit annoyed at how chunky my nails look with this manicure on but that will be down to applying it over yesterday's polish to see if have a smooth base helped application (it didn't really), I suppose it's to be expected they look chunky when I am now sporting 11 layers of polish. :D

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