Thursday, 13 March 2014

Models Own - HyperGels - Stamping

Way back when I first took delivery of the HyperGels I said that I was hoping they might stamp well, so I finally got around to try a few out and it turns out... they do!
I tested out 4 colours; Blue Glint, Coral Glaze, Turquoise Gloss and Cornflower Gleam.  The darker shades work really well but even the paler shade Cornflower Gleam holds it's own pretty well if you're looking for a subtle effect.

The texture of these polishes is great for stamping, thick and a bit gloopy means that they spread over the stamping plate well and go onto the nail pretty opaque.

The colours come out bright and bold on the most part and look really effective.  I think the other darker shades like the pink and red would also work well.  The nude, pale pink and lilac probably not so much so but like Cornflower gleam they would probably be good for a more subtle effect.
Overall I'm pretty pleased with how these work for stamping, it's hard to say without a side by side comparison but I think they might be a touch brighter and more opaque than some of the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shines which are favourites of mine for stamping with.
I feel a little comparison post coming on in the future...


  1. The chevron stamping looks absolutely stunning, love it!!! Do you mind me asking what stamping plate you used? Cheers

    1. Sorry, I should really have said in the post! It's BM-423 from the create your own set -