Saturday, 15 March 2014

Easy Paris - Neon Pink - Gel Look

I've posted about this polish before, when I wore it on it's own.  This time however was slightly different.  This time when I painted on the polish on it's own it was just a little too sheer to cover the staining on my nails, damn you blue and green HyperGels!!  So over the top of the original sheer manicure I added a coat of Cerise Shine, and then over the top of that I added another coat of the Neon Pink polish. 

As well as hiding the staining it really gave the polish a thick gel like look on my nails, the HyperGel polishes are thicker and that combined with the number of coats I ended up with (I would guess around 9 with top coats) meant that my nails really did look like a gel manicure.

 As for the colour, this flash shot shows it off best, it's such a super bright neon shade I love it.  As well as having a gel effect from the thickness of the polish the gelly like texture of the Easy Paris polish also meant that my nails had a lovely sheer jelly textured effect which I really liked.

I certainly wouldn't advise putting this many coats on normally but to fix a problem I think it worked quite well and I loved the look and colour I ended up with

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