Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Kiko - 437 - Intuitive Pink

Intuitive Pink is a polish from the Digital Emotion Collection, Kiko's Christmas Collection for 2013 and for me it is by far the winner from the 6 polishes released, I only have 4 of the 6 but I am willing to bet I couldn't love the two I don't have any more than I love this.
Intuitive Pink is rammed full of pink and holographic glitter pieces, I used a pale pink base but alone it would easily cover in three coats, maybe two.  It's impossible to capture how super sparkly it is in photos, particularly these photos which I took while feeling very delicate on Boxing Day.

This was my Christmas Day manicure, I'm a little late posting it - I know - I was hoping to have something much more festive and fancy but as it was I was so busy on Christmas Eve that I decided just chucking on something quick but sparkly was the way to go.

I'm pleased I did because I loved having this polish on, so much so that I have been struggling not to put it back on for the last week, it's so gorgeous and glittery and holographic in person that it's hard to stop looking at it, hopefully next time I wear it I might manage to get a slightly better representation in picture form to show you.  In the meantime if you like it then grab it quick, Digital Emotion is a LE collection so it won't be around forever.

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