Sunday, 4 March 2012

Recent NOTDs

A few catch up pictures of recent nail designs and colours.

Kiko with flower stickers and gem stone centres:

Valentine's Day pink with heart stamps:

Some Barry M foil stamped on Kiko:

Models Own, Barry M and Kiko dots:

Kiko with Daisy stickers:

I don't have a note of the exact colours as I only just decided to resurrect the blog and they are from various points over the last few weeks, in future I'll include the names of each shade as well as the brand, just in case anyone cares. ;)


  1. Hey :)

    I just found your blog recently. I'm loving it, especially being from the UK too. Anyway, I wanted to ask you what image plate you used to stamp in the third picture? I've been looking for a design like that and some of the similar ones I've come across so far have a much smaller print and are not as nice as the one you used. ;)

    1. Argh! That's hard to say it was such a while ago! It will definitely be a Bundle Monster or a Cheeky one, I know that, most likely from the first or second BM set, I would think, based on the date and what plates I would have at that time.

    2. Ok. Thanks! I'll have a look through those sets and see if I can find something like it. Your blog posts have also made me want to try the Kiko nail polishes. Now I see so many I want but I can't buy them all at once, so I'll just have to get a couple to try and add the rest to my long wishlist haha :)

    3. Kiko delivery to the UK now, I think the minimum order is £25. Last time I was on the website they had a lot of the polishes for £2.50 so it might be worth having a look while they are at the lower price, not that I am trying to encourage you to spend! :D