Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Swatches

Eventually! I am the proud owner of the new Super Stash set from Urban Decay:

I was slightly concerned that a lot of the newer colours were doubling up on the existing ones in the line so I have done some comparison swatches. The names are on the photos and should show up better if you open them in a new window.

Ransom & Lust.
Ransom actually seems brighter and more vivid than Lust which shocked me, I was expecting it to be a bit darker and less vivid, definitely a different shade though which is good:

Underground, Bourbon, Corrupt & Oil Slick.
Underground is darker than I expected, which I am pleased about, though lighter than Bourbon. Corrupt is a good bit darker than Bourbon. Oil Slick is black but with quite a bit of glitter in:

Binge, Deviant, Covet, Flipside & Electric.
Binge is navy, although not dark, dark navy, it's darker and less vivid than Deviant. Covet is a lot more teal than the others and darker. Flipside is turquoise, and quite a light, matt shade. Electric is the lightest of all:

If you'd like to see side by side comparisons of two colours other than these ones, let me know!

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