Thursday, 8 October 2009

Urban Decay 24/7 - New Sets

More exciting news!

Urban Decay have released more 24/7 liner sets, the most exciting looks to be 24/7 Super Stash, which is described as such on the UD site:

Urban Decay say: You asked for more! This set includes NINE mini-sized 24/7 Eye Pencils, including FOUR shades exclusive to this set: Corrupt (brown sparkle), Binge (navy – finally!), Eldorado (a new gold), and Oil Slick (black sparkle). Also included are your favourites Zero, Graffiti, Ransom, Rockstar and Stash.

I saw it in Boots at lunch, and it does look fantastic, the only downside being a lot of the colours are regular shades I have and the exclusive shades are quite similar, a quick run down:

Corrupt seemed pretty similar to Bourbon, possibly a touch darker.
Eldorado didn't look too different to the other golds available; Baked, Honey and Lucky (though Lucky is more of a copper shade). Eldorado may be more of a yellow gold, but it’s hard to tell without being able to try the pencil.
Oil slick looked nice and lighter than Zero which is their black black. It’s definitely much darker than Gunmetal.
Binge, the navy one looks fabulous, really lovely colour and irritatingly just what I am looking for. The question is do I hold off in the hope they release a full sized pencil or buy the kit to make sure I have one!

The set is only £18, in Boots, and the colours are brilliant, definitely a good one for people who want to try a few different pencils, there are a lot of good ones included.

They also have two more smaller sets, which I didn't see in person, they are on the US site though so I expect they'll come over here:


Mildew in this set, the exclusive one, looks like it could be lovely; a darker and more true green and probably a bit less in your face than Graffiti.


The exclusive plum, Crash, in this one looks very close to the plum ones they already have 1999 and Lust.

Both of the smaller sets also have a glitter liquid liner in, which are great for a more sparkly party look.

So, in conclusion, more lovely goodies from UD and definitely something to be added to the Christmas list, if you, unlike me, you can wait that long!

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