Tuesday, 27 October 2009

More iDivine palettes!

Yes, more!

Two in fact, a new mainstay, Sunset and a new limited edition Graphite, both should be in shops round about now (Graphite launches the 28th October, I'm not too sure about Sunset, I think it should be out right now though).

I want to see them in person before I decide whether I really need them both, I'm not great at smokey eyes and don't tend to wear much dark grey or black - I'd rather use navy or a dark forest green or brown to do my dark smokey looks - so I'm not sure how much use I would make out of the Graphite, it does look fantastic if that's your sort of look though.

Sunset looks, for me, more adaptable, lots of lovely bronzey colours and a couple of brights too, so I think I will probably be adding it to my collection.

The lighter colours look particularly gorgeous!

So, more goodies to look out for soon.

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