Sunday, 6 April 2014

Kiko Cupcake Nail Lacquer

I have polishes from a new collection from by Kiko to show you today, Cupcake Nail Lacquer, the release of them coincided nicely with a friend from work visiting Spain so she offered to bring me a few back, here are the four I chose;
648 Pineapple, 652 Lilac, 653 Wisteria and 655 Mint.
It pains me slightly not to buy the whole collection but I figured it was best to try a few out before getting carried away, as I wasn't sure I would love these quite as much as Kiko's other textured polishes the Sugar Mat Collection.

The Cupcake collection are similar to the Sugar Mats, but not the same; the formula is a bit chunkier as the Cupcakes have more multi-coloured pieces in them rather than just fine shimmer.  Despite this they apply in a similar fashion and dry nice and fast (although not quite as fast as the Sugar Mat).  They definitely have a slightly more chunky, textured look to them too.
The colours are lovely, soft pastels, perfect for spring.

The pale base colours are shot through with slightly darker colours in complimenting shades.

They reminded me of mini eggs when I first saw them on my nails, perfect for Easter, but actually they look less like mini eggs when you see them right beside mini eggs as my foray into using chocolates as props shows...

I still think they're pretty sweet though. :)
While I don't love them quite as much as the Sugar Mats on first try I do really like these so I think I might be adding a few more to my collection at some point.


  1. Love these, they remind me of the Nicole by OPI roughies and I really hope they get them in the UK stores quickly! I'm going to be near a KIKO in a couple of weeks

    1. I think they should be in store then, they're on the website already!