Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Kiko Cupcake 647

647, or Jasmine as it's called on the UK Kiko site, is a white base with orange and blue speckles and strands through it's textured base.

These pictures are two coats and as you can see it's nicely opaque at that.  The polish dries reasonably fast but not quite as fast as the Sugar Mats, possibly due to the different textures and make up of the additional colour particles.

What really impressed me about this polish is how well it lasted, even without a top coat, it managed 4 days with minimal tip wear and no chips which is pretty good going for a textured polish.


  1. I so hope I can get these when I get to the store in the next couple of weeks! Love the look of this one. How textured are they?

    1. Slightly more textured than the Sugar Mats if you've tried them? I would say they are a little chunkier than most of the textured polishes I have; Sugar Mats, Rimmel, 17 and Maybelline, but not too chunky to feel horrible. The different colours through the base make them a little more textured and not quite so even a finish but they're still lovely, I think.