Sunday, 20 February 2011

Nubar Sparkles Collection.

I recently ordered 4 more Nubar Sparkle Collection polishes. I already have Hyacinth Sparkle at home which I love so I decided to try some of the other ones as they looked like pretty colours and I adore glitter polish.

I ordered Night, Sky, Petunia and Violet Sparkles and I wasn't disappointed. I was however stuck for which one to try first, so I put them all on:

I love this collection, the glitter is really fine and goes on beautifully. Night Sparkle is slightly disappointing as it is more of a navy polish with blue glitter through it than an actual navy glitter but it is still really pretty on. Sky is going to take 4 or so coats to become opaque but I think that's worth it for the colour.

So far I've tried out full manicures with two of the polishes.

Here are about a billion (well, 6) photos of the Petunia Sparkles on, I adore it, it's almost impossible to show in photos how gorgeous and sparkly and foil like it is on the nail in person.

Here's the Violet on my whole hand, another gorgeous glittery colour:

I think the Sparkles Collection by Nubar has to be one of my favourites, they are such pretty polishes.

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