Tuesday, 4 May 2010

MAC Art Supplies - Pro Longwear Lipstain Markers

The Lipstain Markers were what really drew me to this collection, I have been swithering over buying a Givenchy Lip Stain marker for a couple of months now, but they are only available in two colours and are rather over-priced at £18 a go, for something about 2/3 of the size of the new MAC ones. So when I saw that Art Supplies included not only lip stains in pen form but 9 different shades I had to have a look.

Here’s what MAC says:

“Just as Art Supplies for Eyes invokes the vision, Art Supplies for Lips speaks to the ultimate in sensuality… Luscious lips drawn from innovative new Lipstain Markers and Lip Pencils to use like a modern multimedia artist would – design and discover! Incorporating the concept of art tools into the world of MAC makeup, these pencils and markers create dramatically different lip looks. New Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker has the doodle fun of a pen, but with sophisticated, light and long-wearing results. It’s all about artistic freedom!”

First off I need to clarify, this is a marker pen, for drawing on your face, a proper felt tip marker pen! That alone was selling me and then I swatched the colours. I left 5 minutes later with 3, I went back the next day for a fourth. I am already beginning to wonder if I should go back and double up on my favourites as they are limited edition.

Here’s what I got:

* Full of Flare – Bright yellow/orange-coral
* Stylesetter – Bright hot pink
* Point of View – Light-ish neutral with brown tones to it, darker than I expected
* Run way Ripened – Berry plum-red

I adore them, they are exactly how I hoped they would be and better. So simple to apply – it’s a pen! You just draw on your face with it!! – and they really do last, they are a proper stain which sinks into your lips and does not budge. They are supposed to last 8 hours, they don’t, but you can get a good 4 hours out of them with no touch ups and after that I find if I add a few dabs here and there the coverage is perfect again. They’re ideal for me, I like to do my face and then leave it and with the lip stain markers you can.

There have been reports of them being drying but I don’t find that, however I have been apply a clear or lightly tinted gloss over mine which is the suggested way to combat the drying issue. I’m not sure I would wear them totally alone but with even a touch of lip balm over the top they are fantastic.

And I am still not over the fact that I can now actually use a felt tip marker to draw on my face, it’s like MAC went in my head and picked out the best thing I was imagining. A pen, to draw on your face?! And it works! I’ll shut up about the pens now, but go buy some, they’re amazing.

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