Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Eyeliner Swatches - UD vs MAC

Some colour comparisons of the new Pearlglide liners from the MAC Art Supplies collection and Urban Decay’s 24/7 liners.

In my opinion:

Black Line is VERY similar to Stash, it's maybe a tiny touch darker but not so you'd really notice. It may be more obvious on the eye but swatched on the back of my hand it was hard to tell the difference.

Undercurrent is very like Covet, it's a slightly deeper, richer shade and it does have more, but also more subtle, shimmer through it. Too similar to justify a purchase if you already have Covet like I do.

Industrial is totally different from anything UD make, it's a lighter, sparkly more lilac silver blue than an of the other eyeliners I've tried. It definitely take on obvious lilac tones when used with purple eyeshadows but looks more blue when matched with blue shades.

Petrol Blue is much richer and darker than Binge, it's what I hoped binge would be like.

Almost Noir is very similar to 1999, it's slightly darker but not much and there is a more intense quality to the glitter in it, but overall it's too similar to warrant a purchase for me.

Designer Purple is, again, a deeper, richer more glitter filled pencil but it is quite similar to the UD colours I already own. I suspect layering Lust or Ransom over Rockstar would give a very similar effect.

All in all there are really only 2 of the MAC pencils I felt I could justify buying, I would have loved to have all 6 but the other 4 colours felt too much like buying double of what I already own.

For those who don't own the UD dupes / versions of the colours then I would highly recommend the MAC pencils, the colours are really fantastic, bright and very shimmery due to being packed with lots of very fine glitter.

I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more Pearlglide liners in the future, let's just hope MAC can come up with more colours that aren't already available (and in my collection).

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